Identifying the right sport and its audience for you

Identifying the right sport or sports professional to align your business with through sponsorship can be difficult, or even knowing if sport is the right place to market your business is hard. 


That's why Pro 53 Ltd provide a detailed breakdown of each sports audience, reach and how your brand will be seen depending on which sport best suits your goals.


We use our years of experience, knowledge of sport and contacts to help you choose the right partners to sponsor matching your needs. Working with your business to communicate with a regional, national or an international audience you wish to target using the power of sports marketing.


Whether you are looking to reach a global audience through the very top level of a chosen sport or are a local business looking to geographically target an audience Pro 53 Ltd will show you the true exposure for your sponsorship with detailed breakdown of each sport and its audience. 




Audience comes from many different media and forms whether it is the live audience of a sporting event, social media reach, T.V. viewers, advertising or PR. We collate all the necessary information and numbers, providing you with a true figure of the audience you will be communicating with.


Using sport to align your product/ brand with success, high level performance or image can be key to choosing the type of audience best suited to your business.

Pro 53 Ltd delivers:

  • detailed breakdown of clients needs
  • audience analysis matching your goals
  • total management of all your sponosrship activity
  • a professional and bespoke service to each client


To fnd out more about our services, or learn more please contact us.

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